Thoughts on The Wall Street Journal’s “It’s Time to Get Rid of the IT Department”

When the Wall Street Journal recently published this opinion piece, it caused quite a few ripples. I first saw the article mentioned in a sysadmin group where, unsurprisingly, it was immediately called a “hit piece” and derided. As the article spread it was clearly polarizing – there were some nuanced views, but especially for those who disagreed with the premise, there wasn’t much in the way of middle ground.

The more firmly a commentator disagreed with the article, the more their opinions seemed to reflect exactly the kind of thinking that the article suggests revisiting. With genuine consideration for the ideas presented though, I believe that many IT professionals and the companies they work for could significantly increase effectiveness throughout their organizations.

I’ve worked with many smart and talented IT department members who understand how to make technology work in the corporate world. The article isn’t calling out a lack of knowledge or capability on the part of the people inside our IT departments, instead, it talks about how increasingly critical IT is and how our expectations of technology in business should be elevated. It argues that having a dedicated and separate (and often isolated) department often misses the mark on aligning technology solutions with the needs of a company.

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